How To Become A Model

Modeling is a serious profession. Professional models are 100% dedicated. BMA’s models range from babies to grandparents and from fashion models to actors. On reflection and contrary to the usual conception not all models are tall and a diminutive size. Exploring the BMA website we find all shapes and sizes fit the modeling/acting world. Generally clients select models with healthy hair, teeth, skin and nails. Premium grooming is essential, a healthy diet, regular exercise and general TLC are all essential. You will need an air of confidence and not be retiring in front of the camera so if you feel good you will look good and be extra confident.

Female Fashion models are generally tall and thin, male fashion models Are approximately 6’, all are generally late teens to mid twenties. The Association of Model Agents (AMA) recommends that you should have the following measurements: females: bust-waist-hip measurements of no more than 34-24-34 inches (86-61-86cms) and height of at least five feet eight inches (1.72m), males: 38-40 inch (97-102cm) chest, 30-32 inch (76-81cm) waist, and height of at least six feet (1.83m). To Be a catwalk or runway model these statistics are vital.

Female Fashion models make impressive leg models. To be a legs model you must have long, thin legs with small ankles. Fashion models can accomplish everything from editorial to haute couture, high end cosmetics to notable TV commercials. However you do not have to be a fashion model to have a successful livelihood in modeling.

There is a huge potential for the more petite models to create a thriving career especially in TV, generally the models on TV are more petite than the Amazonian 6' model. There is such a vast range of diverse advertising strategies that require models of all shapes and sizes. I am testament to this fact. I had a highly profitable modeling career, started in my early twenties (somewhat very late) and I am only 5'6" which actually places me in no-man’s-land, neither petite nor fashion. There is a vast range of products that necessitate models under 5' 8" and real people. For instance car manufacturers require models that enhance the features and not distract hence shrouding the car.

Equally there is an assortment of activity in advertising and TV for real people, characters, glamour models, fittings models, mature models, model families, grandparents, mums and dads, children including: babies, toddlers, youngsters, teenagers, and on again, couples, pregnant models, parent and child and dancers. Advertisers look to appeal to a diverse and global population and therefore will look to utilize models of all ethnicities, from Asian models, oriental models to Middle Eastern models to black models and from South American models to the pale skinned Caucasian blonde or brunette.

BMA is one of UK's top fitting model agencies, supplying female and male models to major retailers and manufacturers - ‘a fitting model’ is a live mannequin. All clothes brands and high street fashion houses will from time to time need to use fitting models when they are designing their seasonal range.

Curve Modeling is enjoying an increasing demand as designers and clothing manufacturers realize the potential market for good quality clothing that fits women that fall outside of the size 6-14 market. The ranges that are available to plus size women are growing day by day. Plus sizes start at around 14 and upwards. It is essential that the plus size model is confident about her body as this will be reflected to the audience that the clothing is aimed at. You'll also need a fun and attractive personality, as well as great skin, teeth and hair. A curvaceous body is also a must, allowing you to show off the clothing at its best. Like all other kinds of modeling, a curve model needs to be prepared, demanding work, long days, as well as distance travelling for events and photo shoots.

Many of our models continue with us for years, starting in their early twenties take pleasure in modeling into their thirties and forties. Our Classic section is models in their thirties and upwards. Mature Modeling is attractive to many men and women throughout the world, and is often the home for people who were involved in the world of modeling from past times and are now mature and have found a corner of the market that is perfect for them. There is a great demand for mature models thanks to the huge variety of opportunities and advertising geared towards the more mature international market. There is also no age limit, and from the age of 30 plus there is true potential for the aspiring model.

Hand models are a specialized sector of the industry. A Hand models assets are good skin tone, no skin blemishes, and perfect nails not too long, smooth skin and with agreeably shaped fingers and thumbs. Perfect half-moons are a must. Hands must be kept in great shape. A scratch can cost valuable jobs. The hand model must learn how to control their non-working environment. Beautiful hands are called back time and time again. Remember, all hand shoots by definition are close-ups. Developing hand modeling experience in a constantly changing working environment is the key. Hands on many occasions must be held perfectly still for long periods of time.

Modeling can be just the beginning of developing a lucrative but related career. Today’s models often find that the experience she or he has gained, and the contacts made, can lead to a career in acting, presenting, fashion, styling, magazine journalism, public relations, fashion house direction, fashion design and many other fields. With the knowledge gained, you may even want to start your own business – many models do.

Whether you wish to have a career in modeling, acting, presenting, dancing, styling or as a make-up artist, professional conduct is imperative at all times. Time management and organizational skills are also essential tools required to build a successful career within the industry, as well as having a positive mental attitude. If your determination is great, coupled with a head for business then your chances of a profitable and enjoyable career will increase enormously.

Remember, being a model is the same as running your own business with the discipline to maintain financial and book keeping elements. In this case the product is YOU. Competition for work will be fierce and standards today are higher than ever so be prepared to work hard, develop your determination and stay focused. Your reward will be success, travel and a wealth of experiences.

So if you’re interested, and think you’ve got what it takes, please take the time to apply online or at

Best of luck for your future

Lynn Campbell-Walter